Friday, July 17, 2009

Some lovely flowers...

Finally some of the plants are starting to take off

(Many) more can be seen in the Flickr set

Photos! Finally!

Tomatoes, peppers, string beans, herbs, and the last photo is the strawberry patch on the side of the house.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

First Harvest!

We got a most excellent cuke yesterday! Looks like we're about to get a ton!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pictures from the Bruno garden

Here are some pictures from our garden, as promised long ago. At least I took these on a real camera instead of my iphone.

A lime tree and a 'citrus tree' (oranges, lemons, and limes) in pots.

Peanut plants, growing in a pot. This is our first year, no idea how this will turn out.

Pumpkin plants, slowing taking over the world - or at least our backyard.

Two hazelnut trees. We have a 3rd near the raspberries. A pot with strawberries is to the left along with more flowers in front.

Fig tree. Actually got a few figs from it last year which is when we planted it.

One of many tomato plants. Some flowers in the front of the beds.

Upside down tomato planter. Has a morning glory plant climbing up one of the legs. A pot with lettuce and more tomato plants flanks it on the left.

Our new deck, flanked on either side with tomato plants and blueberry plants on either side of the steps. We're going to have tons of tomatoes this year, there are already a bunch of green tomatoes on all our plants.

Couple of raspberry plants against the fence... some are flowering, will see if we get any actual raspberries later.

Pear tree - this guy will apparently produce 5 types of pears... someday.

Cucumbers (3). We also planted a different type in pots. We already harvested some cucumbers from but types of plants. Pickle time?

Zucchini plants (3) These guys are getting pretty big already and starting to overshadow the eggplant plants to their right.

Potato plants - white and blue. This is our first year planting these, no clue how they will turn out. The plants are getting big though.

Close up of grapes. They are about the size of peas right now - maybe a bit bigger.

Grapes... sprawling across 3 trellises now. Planted these last year.

Cherry tree, year 2

Two avocado plants that we started growing indoors and then planted outside.

Peas and random lettuce that decided to seed itself near by.