Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Zombie Brussels sprouts

The Brussels Sprouts are back from the dead, they are giant and threaten to dominate the garden. This reporter would like to be the first to welcome our new zombie decorative cabbage overlords.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Here's the way cool organized shed wall:

So, the plants we put in the ground last weekend

all died. There are 1 or 2 okras that are possibly still hanging on, but probably they will die too. And all the cucumbers - dead. I think it was because of the fucking plastic mulch "paper" I got at Home Depot when I ran out of the actual paper stuff; the paper stuff is quite permeable, whereas the plastic, which claims to be, is not. I used this stuff around some of our plantings in year 0 and wherever I used it, it kept 95% fewer weeds from coming up than elsewhere. Apparently the plastic stuff keeps 100% of all things from growing wherever it is, because no water could get through.

So yesterday I went over to Ploch's and bought a bunch of seedlings of cucumbers, as well as 3 peppers, 1 oregano, 2 tomatoes ("Rutgers" varietal) and 3 arugula plants. We still have lots of seeds starting in our window, but I'm hedging our bets. And I also think it would be better to let the seedlings get a little more established before we put them in the ground. They seem kind of wimpy to stand up to the 90 degree weather we are having. (Apropos of which, WTF? It's, uh, APRIL!)

Also I took up the plastic mulch sheeting and put down more of the paper stuff that I got at Ploch's. That place is overpriced and the high school guys who work there are nimrods, but they have everything and it's a proper nursery, which HD just isn't.

I'll put up a picture or two on my blog of the spaghetti sauce Adam made today. It tastes fantastic!

Monday, April 20, 2009

More stuff.

I'm sure my lady has pictures, but our garden is in full swing, the vast majority of our planting is done, and the shed is organized, we can even close the door now!

We had a salad with some of our little lettuces with the roast I made and it was most excellent. Now to ensure we eat enough salads to keep them from taking over the universe, and also to figure out how to deal with the brussels sprout that overwintered.