Monday, June 29, 2009

Hey gang

Adam told me about his gardening blog a while back but I finally took the time to get involved.

Renee and I have been gardening for years now. We're looking forward to reading about what all of you have been planting and how successful you were as well as sharing what we're up to.

We have the following planted this year:
Tomatoes (several varieties which I cannot name - because I can't remember!)
Some of these are growing upside down in an upside down tomato planter - with herbs on top
Potatoes (both white and blue - first year we've tried potatoes)
Cucumbers (had a lot of success with these last year and pickled quite a few, even made relish)
Zucchini (every year these seem to take over the garden, they are always huge - too much miracle grow?)
Peas (had a lot of luck with these last year)
Green Beans (also had a lot of luck with these last year but we only have a few this year, instead of a ton of plants like last year)
Peanuts (first year)
Lettuce (red and green - not sure the green variety name, I don't eat lettuce!)
Blueberries (3 different varieties, which I'm sure will all taste the same, 2 plants are new)
Raspberries (red and amber - first year for us)
Blackberries (also first year)
Strawberries (started them in a pot last year and they proceeded to sprawl on the ground near by and came back this year)
Pumpkins (orange and white varieties - we grew these once before at our old house and they took over the back yard)
3 Hazelnut trees (still very young and likely won't produce for years)
Fig Tree (we planted this last year and got a few figs out of it)
Cherry Tree (still very young and likely won't produce for years)
Pear Tree (still very young and likely won't produce for years - apparently produces several kinds of pears - some genetically engineered frankenpear tree or something)
Nectarine Tree (still very young and likely won't produce for years)

I think that's it, but I might have forgotten some things.

Of course we have a ton of flowers and crap too :)

Hopefully I'll get a chance to upload some photos soon.

Inviting two new survivors

As well all know, the slavering jaws of the unstoppable inexorable undead hordes draws ever nearer, and in that vein, Tom and his lovely wife Renee (as well as their unborn child, who though it makes Renee slower in the short term, it makes her that much fiercer in the battle to protect her progeny) are plannin' on joining our little grow-op. Maybe they'll post some pictures of the bounty they're stockpiling against the grey hordes?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hey ya buncha chumps!

Lets see some pics! I havent seen your garden in like 3 weeks!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lettuce Prey.

So, though our lettuce is kicking ass, some damn thing is eating my cabbages. We cannot for the life of us figure out what might be boring tiny holes in the brussels sprouts leaves. It is very frustrating.