Sunday, March 28, 2010

Seeds started

I stole Randy's idea of scanning the seed packets to post here. Of the above, the only one I am not psyched about is the eggplant. But even though I detest eggplant as a food, they really are gorgeous objects, especially when they are still on the vine, all black-purple and glowing. There will certainly be some beautiful photographs to result from them in our garden, as well as several dishes that I will not touch. (More for Adam.)

The entire set on the left is onions, and the one on the right contains tomatoes, basil, and eggplant. I'll start the arugula outside.

Supposedly this entire seed starting kit is biodegradable - made from various stuff that can be composted. Even the plasticky covers you see are made from a vegetable oil. If it's true, I think it's a great thing. I'm definitely going to put it in the composter and see how it does over time.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A little garden work

Remember the blackberry bush that was taking over the back yard? Well, Adam was right, I did decide to dig it up out of the ground (where it was thriving TOO MUCH), and we put it in a really large pot that I got last fall for this purpose. This blackberry needs room for its roots to do well, but I didn't want it to do so well that it takes over our back yard and the neighbors'. As it is, I am concerned that we left some roots in the ground, which may well survive to push up more branches. In which case my neighbor is going to sue my ass for infecting their yard with this sht.

It had managed to put down roots from some of its branches, and we broke off part of it and repotted that for Randy.