Monday, July 30, 2012

New members

I invited a few more people to join our little conclave, other gardeners who might be interested in talking about it here.

My longtime friend Robin lives with her partner in the Bronx and describes herself as "pretty obsessed with my tiny garden." I'll let her post other details as she wishes.

Our neighbors up the street, Spencer and Anna, already have an amazing vegetable garden in just half a season. The tomatoes and the cucumbers alone are amazing but they also have squash, strawberries, and a ton of other stuff.

They have their own guns.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mid-season 2012 notes

Cucumbers: Cannot plant in current location again - the pear tree is now too big and the cukes aren't getting enough sun. Only one plant, the outermost (which gets decent sun), is yielding much at all.

Tomatoes: Excellent breed (Big Mama Hybrid from Burpee, 6/$27.90), will use again. Nice firm meat, great size (> 3" long and 2-1/2" diam). Good for eating fresh, despite being chosen for sauce suitability. HOWEVER - we need to plant them farther apart. This year we planted 6 plants in two cells, and that's still way too crowded. Next year we need to plant 6 plants in four cells, with lots of breathing room (and room for light to get in).

Sweet peppers: All are too small. The multicolored ones (Cajun Belle Hybrid from Gurneys, 3/$12.99) are just naturally small and the green ones (Golden Giant II from Burpee, 3/13.95) are root bound, I think.

Lettuce: Salad Bowl Lettuce, seeds on tape from Gurney's, did great. Recommend thinning to 1 plant every 4-6" in the future because they get big.

Blueberry bushes are very small but seem to have solid root systems formed. We almost lost one of them but it came back from the brink. They require good watering because they are in (large) pots.

Asparagus are very well rooted and this will be the last formative year they get; next year we will harvest any tips that come up.

Cotton: Brown seeds, despite poor seedling results only yielding two viable plants, are strong and the white seeds are doing well too.

Morale in the troops is low, need shoes and muskets.